Rental Policy


Rental Charges

  1. Rental of equipment is chargeable on a monthly basis. A full month's payment will be charged even in the case of a partial month's rental.
  2. Rental charges must be paid within the first 3 calendar days of each rental month.
  3. Any late payments or failure to make payment will result in the reclamation of the product and a forfeit in deposit.


Returning a Rental Unit

  1. To cancel or stop a rental service, kindly contact our customer service team via e-mail at or WhatsApp to +603-8966 2506
  2. The rental period is considered terminated based on the date and time of the e-mail or WhatsApp message received by our customer service team.
  3. A collection team will come to inspect and re-collect the item within 7 working days. If any damage is found on the item, the cost will be deducted from the deposit. 
  4. If there is no damage to the item, a full deposit will be refunded after collection within 14 working days.


Customer Responsibilities

  1. The customer is responsible for the careful and proper use of the rental equipment. Any damage to the product during the rental period falls under the responsibility of the customer.
  2. In case of a lost item during the rental period, the customer shall pay the full cost of the lost equipment at the current prevailing market value.
  3. Shop Care shall not be liable for any incident or injury whether by negligence or otherwise relating to the use of equipment.